4 Reasons Why FeeBack App Is Way Cooler Than Google Maps!

Google Maps is one of the leading navigation platforms in the world. With time it has become more than that, by letting users interact with their favorite shops. Which is the primary focus of our platform FeeBack, delivering customer voice to businesses.

We, therefore, present to you the top four comparisons of FeeBack app and Google Maps:

1- Logos of merchants on the map itself

One of the first things that quickly grabs the user’s attention when opening FeeBack App is the logos of shops shown on its map. To make it easy for users to recognize shops without struggling to remember their names and for shops to increase their brand awareness. Although it’s really cool, this feature is not available on Google Maps.

2- Sharing reviews in text and voice!

Enabling users to share their feedback on shops to help them enhance the quality of services, is an important feature presented in both FeeBack app and Google Maps. It is worth mentioning that FeeBack encourages its users to write and record constructive feedback and reviews which is more beneficial than just a simple review for business owners to understand weaknesses and strengths.

3- Cash rewards for constructive feedback

FeeBack app definitely wins this round! We talked about the reviews feature in both apps, but did you know that FeeBack rewards its users with cash every time they share their constructive feedback about nearby shops? Amazing right!?

FeeBack motivates its users to be part of the movement of “improving the quality of service” for the local community.

4. Verified reviews

61% of online reviews are fake (according to review42.com). Taking that into consideration, most review platforms tend to verify purchases associated with reviews. Google Maps reviews are a bit behind in this, whereas FeeBack app has 70% of its reviews connected with a real purchase and looking forward to 100% verified reviews.

What else could you add to the list? Would love to hear your thoughts about this.

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